Sunday, February 16, 2020

Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 27

Analysis - Essay Example Whereas, K12 learners are comparatively passive and they trust the instructor’s ideas unconditionally (, 2015).Working adults are focused upon evaluation and need practical application upon the topic being taught but evaluation and high level practical approach is not the need of K12 learners. However, both focus upon learning and enhancing their abilities and skills. Bloom’s taxonomy consists of six different stages which are (starting from lowest to highest) knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis synthesis and evaluation (Metro, 2015). According to the needs identified above Bloom’s taxonomy can be used by focusing more upon knowledge, comprehension and application than analysis, synthesis and evaluation, vice versa for higher studies learners (Tech, 2015). For example while teaching Newton’s three laws of motion the school learners should be able to recite three laws of motion (knowledge), explain three laws of motion in their own words (comprehension) and be able to calculate the kinetic energy of a projectile (application). Whereas higher studies students along with this should be able to differentiate between potential and kinetic energy (analysis), design the problem dealing with the conservation of energy (synthesis) and determine whether using conservation of energy or conservation of momentum would be more appropriate for solving a dynamic problem (evaluation). (Tech, 2015)I consider myself a lifelong learner. My instructional needs include clear, concrete communication with a practical approach.,. (2015).  Differences Between High School and Uni >> First Steps: A Beginners Guide to Uni >> The Learning Centre UNSW. Retrieved 23 January 2015, from Metro, k. (2015).  Writing Objectives Using Blooms Taxonomy | The Center for Teaching and Learning | UNC Charlotte. Retrieved 23

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