Friday, November 22, 2019

Business Culture Of Russia English Language Essay

Business Culture Of Russia English Language Essay Imagine that you work for a multinational IT company and have been transferred to Japan for five years on a project. You want to adjust yourself culturally to the new environment so that you do not have cross-cultural problems. Which aspects of the local culture would you wish to observe and understand in order to avoid problems of cross-cultural communication? Hello!! My name is Agnes. I am from Russia. I work in a multi-national company there as Sr. Manager in Marketing Department. For the completion of a project, I have been transferred to Japan for five years. Being two different countries, there are a lot of differences between the business cultures of them. Business Culture of Russia Russia, being one of the fastest growing economies of the world, is an inspiration for international business relations. People who are looking forward to break into a new business or attempting to grow their European presence enjoy their success by the development of new Russian clients and partn ers. Meeting Etiquettes Russians value patience and appreciate time for discussion, consideration and digesting negotiations. Never try to impose a decision through high-pressure talk. It will only make you look impatient, rude and incapable of professional business communications. Although it is acceptable for your Russian colleagues to be late to the business meetings, but, as a foreigner, you are expected to be punctual. Also, do not let your late Russian colleagues to apologize, as their behavior is considered to be a test of your patience level. If your business meeting is based on a technical topic, be sure that you bring technical experts and a Russian interpreter along with you. Your Russian colleagues will expect a thorough presentation associated with your topic. Bringing experts establishes your credibility, foresight and general expertise. Although most Russians speak English, be sure that you have a Russian translation of your business card on the other side, as this in dicates your enthusiasm for doing business with your Russian colleagues. Greeting Etiquettes Initial greetings may come across coolly. Do not expect friendly smiles. A handshake is always required when greeting or leaving, regardless of the relationship. Remove your gloves before shaking hands. Dress Codes Business dress is formal and conservative. Wearing very light or very bright colors may make you appear lazy or unreliable to a Russian person. MEN: They should wear business suits. WOMEN: They should wear subdued colored business suits with skirts that cover the knees. Body Language Russians are very demonstrative people, and public physical contact is common. Hugs, backslapping, kisses on the cheeks and other expansive gestures are common among friends or acquaintances. Russians stand close while they are talking. Making an â€Å"OK† sign in Russia is considered to be very rude gesture. Corporate Culture Russians appreciate punctuality. Business meetings generally begin o n time in Russia. Business cards, in Russia, are always exchanged at business meetings. The ceremony of presenting and receiving business cards is very important. Do not treat it lightly. Hand your business card in a way that the Russian side is readable to the recipient.

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