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Reporting Forensic Evidence Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reporting Forensic Evidence - Research Paper Example Therefore, the report ought to be more formal for clear presentation. For instance, in the report of the investigation that involves a group of criminal enterprise, a comprehensive report is to be produced. Therefore, the forensic investigators can apply the use of a computer to carry out the forensic procedures. Computer forensic is thus the utilization of the computer applications and also analysis for the discovery of any legal evidence involved in the field of forensics. The use of the computer to practice the forensic investigations enables a quick identification and capture of the potential criminal through the use of vital data in the computer (Stauffer & Bonfanti, 2006). During the forensic investigation process, some of the things that were accomplished are the process of gathering the critical details of the potential suspects. This can only be achieved when the forensic investigators are rightly granted a warrant. This warrant allows them to carry out the forensic investig ation procedures without any limits. Therefore, the investigators first must obtain a legal warrant from the authority to enable them access any form of information from individuals. Furthermore, the evidence obtained by the investigator must not be interfered with. For instance, in the computer forensic investigation, the computers must not be touched or even moved once the incidence has occurred. The investigators must further protect the data and the system and its components so as to be used for the prosecution in the court. Moreover, a continued chain of custody is maintained. Eventually, during the retrieval of the data of the suspects, the investigator ought to be extremely careful so as to avoid any distortion of data contained in the computer. Consequently, the evidence collected by the forensic investigator ought to meet some set requirements. These includes that the evidence ought to be produced then also be professionally authenticated and furthermore be of the best evid ence available (Stauffer & Bonfanti, 2006). There are numerous types of systems that are employed during the examination procedures of the forensic investigation. The evidence gathered by the investigator varies widely. Some of these evidences are obtained from the computer includes theft of the intellectual property; there is also theft of the trade secrets. For instance, the investigators can employ the manual form of collecting forensic evidence or they can employ the computer technology method in the collection of the forensic evidences. The computer method used in the collecting evidences of any form of crime is the latest developed procedure. This technique is quick and also among the most effective procedure to be utilized. The forensic investigators utilize the computer forensic to gather any forensic evidences to be utilized in court. For instance, the evidence obtained for criminals, theft, deaths, and all forms of suicides (Anastasi, 2003). Additionally, a variety of tool s are employed by the forensic investigator during the investigation process. Thus for an effective process in the forensic investigation, a smarty decision ought to be made on the best and most valuable tools to be utilized. This is to enable the investigator have an accurate analysis of the evidences obtained. These tools employed by the investigators can also be created by individuals who are experienced. Unfortunately, this idea is not embraced by many because it is hard to

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